Clinically-validated care for EVERY person’s reproductive journey.

The only solution to support your people through every stage of their reproductive journey: fertility, maternity, newborn care, return to work, menopause and more.

Available in the US and globally.

Some of our customers

Some of our customers

The problem

Reproductive care, especially
Fertility, Maternity and Newborn
are a top healthcare cost

High maternity mortality and exploding cost of care
have created a health and equity crisis.

Financial cost

Annual US national spend by condition:


Fertility, Maternity, Newborn


Mental Health



At $299B per year, reproductive care costs more
than mental health and diabetes care combined.

Unmanaged care leads to high cost and poor
outcomes at later stages of maternity and newborn
care, snowballing the total cost.

Managed, clinically-validated care reduces cost
and improves outcomes at all stages of the reproductive journey.

Human cost

Providing end-to-end reproductive care
is a must-have to attract and retain top,
diverse talent:


1 in 6

experience challenges starting a family.

1 in 3

have or considered switching jobs to get reproductive benefits.



provide fertility coverage without a diagnosis of infertility.


planning to provide fertility coverage without a diagnosis of infertility by 2024.

Waiting to solve the problem
costs you millions

Every year of delay increases negative
health outcomes and associated costs:

Without accessible managed reproductive
care, perverse incentives lead to high rates
of multiple births, pre-term births,
and unnecessary C-sections.

With unmanaged care

1 in 5

IVF births results in twins or triplets.


avg employer cost per twin birth.


of all births are pre-term.


avg incremental employer cost per pre-term birth.

Why Stork Club

The only end-to-end,
clinically-validated solution
reproductive journey

  • Your people have different reproductive goals and we help them all. Reproductive wellness (any age, any gender), fertility cryopreservation, conception (IVF or natural), pregnancy, birth, postpartum recovery, newborn care and back-to-work.

Interested in the pioneering Stork Club Birth Doula program?

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Why Stork Club

Clinical excellence
that gives employers
cost control while keeping
people healthy

Clinical Results

Our clinically-validated programs offer the widest and largest impact on your population’s reproductive results.

Fewer cycles per birth, healthier pregnancies
and babies via IVF vs. national averages


higher live birth rate 1




Live Birth


higher single embryo transfer rate 2




Single Embryo transfer



lower IVF multiple
birth rate 1




Multiple Births

Fertility Care

Stork Club’s Fertility program is designed to maximize members’ clinical success while providing care at vetted high-performance fertility clinics — Stork Club Fertility Centers Of Excellence.

As a result, Stork Club members use fewer IVF cycles per birth and experience significantly fewer multiple births — lower costs and faster results.

Maternity care

Stork Club’s Birth Doula program is designed to support a pregnant mother before, during and after birth through a designed care package incl. virtual, onsite and in-labor-room care. 

Stork Club’s clinical study shows significant improvement in maternity outcomes with fewer unnecessary
C-sections and pre-term births, regardless of the conception method.

Additionally, patients who used the Stork Club Birth Doula care reported better mental health as they felt more prepared for the birth, were able to follow their birth plan and had a strong advocacy and support during labor.

Healthier pregnancies and babies
vs. national averages, for all births


lower C-section rate 1






lower preterm birth rate 2




Preterm births

Financial Results

With clinically-validated and managed reproductive care, employers have control over one of the fastest growing category of healthcare.

2-4x ROI

Stork Club Fertility fewer cycles and fewer NICU cases

1.7x ROI

Stork Club Maternity fewer C-sections and preterm births

Up to 70%

lower employer fertility Rx cost with Stork Club vs. traditional PBM


avg. savings per member with Stork Club Fertility program

Read our member stories

Unlike any other
healthcare experience you’ve had

  • “Having Stork Club is unlike any other healthcare experience that I have had.

    There was so much stress alleviated by the app and by Care Partner, Deanne. I joined Stork Club when we started IVF and we are currently 23 weeks pregnant after two rounds of IVF. I would tell anyone that has to go through IVF that having Stork Club directly contributed to our success because I could just focus on the medical aspect. I did not have any frustration or stress with dealing with insurance, they literally handled everything.”

  • “Working with Stork Club has been one of the most pleasant experiences I've ever had working with a medical provider/service.

    I started the egg freezing journey when I found out my company covered the cost. I was nervous about the process as I knew nothing about it, and thought it would be a pain trying to get all the info I needed from insurance etc. That was not the case at all. My Care Partner Gabby & Stork Club made it so easy. I was very surprised that I essentially didn't have to lift a finger. If I had any questions at all, at any point in the process Gabby was just a message away. She was so timely and responded to all my questions with such compassion and patience. To say she was a pleasure would be an understatement.”

92.3 NPS

Our members often share that their experience with Stork Club has been beyond their expectations


of our Care Team members identify as BIPOC or LGBTQI+

Immediate value

after account activation, members receive proactive communication from their Care Partner

<24 hours

for Stork Club members to receive coverage authorization with full cost breakdown

Our happy customers

Our customers love us
and grow with us

We never lost a single customer. Most of our customers scaled
their programs by expanding coverage and going global.

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) considerations guide all of the decisions we make at Jamf, and the decision to partner with Stork Club is no different. We needed a provider who realized the value of diverse and non-traditional family planning, along with a member experience that could grow with our company. We’re thrilled that Stork Club not only met but exceeded those expectations. The solutions Stork Club brings to the table, including family-building benefits and fertility options, have significantly improved our employees’ quality of life.”

    Amy Rennock


  • Inclusion is foundational to who we are and who we aspire to be. Today, inclusion is present in how we design and deliver our work, in how we build our teams, in how we work together, and in our values, policies, and practices. Every day, we work to meet our people where they are and support them through various life stages. An inclusive suite of benefits includes family-building services, and the Stork Club suite, which includes fertility and maternity benefits, back-to-work solutions, and reproductive wellness at any age or gender, meets our people's needs and underscores inclusion. Our people have told us that these solutions have radically improved their family-planning abilities and have had a positive impact on their mental health. That is easily the most gratifying aspect of partnering with the Stork Club.

    Christina Daugherty

    Sr. Director, People and Culture, Fors Marsh

  • We have always strived to deliver Corgan employees with best-in-class benefits at a feasible price point. Thanks to our partnership with Stork Club, we’re honored to say we’re making good on that commitment by offering our employees an unmatched suite of fertility and Rx solutions. Unfortunately, for many years, the high cost of non-traditional benefits like family-planning and fertility solutions made them largely inaccessible. We’re proud to tackle these issues head-on by providing our employees with high-quality benefits that prioritize mental and physical health — all while reducing costs across the board.”

    Hannah Cherner

    HR Partner, Corgan

  • At Inception Fertility, we prioritize retention-boosting efforts that keep our diverse base of employees healthy and happy — because at the end of the day, highly engaged employees naturally provide the best care. And creating a positive patient experience is at the heart of everything we do. We’re proud to partner with Stork Club to offer their suite of family-building benefits, and we’re particularly excited by the opportunity to extend those offerings to our global workforce.”

    Julie Farris

    VP of HR, Inception


Nothing is more important to us and it shows!

40 days

is our longest implementation timeline.


customer retention Stork Club maintains from day one.

Ask us how we can help support each person’s reproductive journey while giving you cost control